CryptoSecure Blockchain Overview

Welcome to CryptoSecure Blockchain, LLC!

CryptoSecure Blockchain, LLC is developing the next generation in cryptocurrency, designed as "mobile first" for mobile payments.


Learn more about the mobile-first cryptocurrency that we developed as the foundation for the next generation cryptocurrecy - Tyle!


Integrate your app with the latest cryptocurrency features to allow your users to earn Tyle while playing games, watching ads or doing other basic app activities. Check out our developer center for more information.

Get the Tyle SDK.

Simple integration and operation that will not break your app. Get the open source SDK to enable your app to work with Tyle, the mobile friendly cryptocurrency.

Tyle App Developer Types

Once an App has been registered with Tyle Wallet, that app will be placed in a specific category based on its primary function. Tyle Wallet will manage transactions for the user based on user settings. Tyle enabled apps will be will be able to access payment options to present to the user.

Registering the App with Tyle Beta is critical to developing mobile apps with Tyle at this stage.